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Influenced by the ancient Japanese craft, this new collection draws inspiration from Shibori tie-dye techniques. While traditional Shibori is always blue, we’ve added plum, teal and gray to create a decidedly modern color palette. Each unique large scale print is versatile - combine them together to produce beautiful effects, or set them off with one of our many basics lines. Think modern quilts, stylish handbags, and even chic apparel!


Product Name:  

Crystal Teal

Fabric Collection:  


Fabric Designer:  

Kitty Yoshida

Fabric Manufacturer:  


Fabric Type:  

100% Cotton

Fabric Width:  


Shibori - Crystal Teal

SKU: 13548-84
$7.00 Regular Price
$5.95Sale Price
1 Yard

Spring Fling - 15% off Teal

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