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How to participate in the Scrap Exchange:

  • Scraps must be clean, dry, odor free and free of animal hair.

  • You will create Scrap Bags for all of the scraps you want to exchange (see sample below).

  • You will use a clear plastic sandwich sized bag for your scrap bags (Size of standard sandwich bag is 6.5" x 5.5").

  • Inside your Scrap Bag you will have the equivalent of a Fat Quarter (18" x 22") of fabric.

    • For example, you could have (3) 5" x 5" squares or (4) 4.5" x 22" strips. The total size of the fabric included in the bag should be close to 18" x 22".

  • Do NOT put your name on your Scrap Bags. We want the bags to be anonymous. We will have a tracking method for who owns what bags.

  • You can create as many Scrap Bags as you want.

  • For each Scrap Bag you bring you will will get a ticket. (1) Scrap Bag = (1) Ticket

  • You can use your ticket to "buy" a Scrap Bag. (1) Ticket = (1) Scrap Bag

  • You will need to drop off your Scrap Bags by Tuesday January 9th.

  • When you sign up, we will ask you about getting your Scrap Bags back after the event:

    • If you DON'T want your scraps bags back, we will be donating them to a local charity.

    • If you DO want your scraps bags back, they will be ready for pick-up anytime after January 17th. Any bags not picked up by January 27th will be donated.

Scrap Exchange


We are hosting our first Scrap Exchange! This is the perfect chance to clean out your stash by trading fabric that does not inspire you for something "new to you"!


DATE: Saturday, January 13th

TIME: 10:00am to 3:00pm



I am sure you are thinking..."What if none of my bags picked? Do I still get tickets?" YES!!! We are LOTS of scraps! We aren't tracking the bags during the sale, so you won't know til after if your scraps were picked (unless you hang out all day and watch your bags).


What if you have no scraps to exchange, but would like to participate? We are doing a food drive that day for the local food pantry. You can bring in an unexpired, non-perishable food item and get (1) tickets per item you donate that you can use to "buy" Scrap Bags.


Come early, it is first come, first serve. You can sign up online or in store to participate.

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