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Scrappy "I Spy" Quilt Class

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INSTRUCTOR: Tina Janssen

Tina grew up in Janesville and made her first quilt while in high school.  She tends to not follow patterns, but instead enjoys creating her own designs.  Besides quilting, she loves traveling and spending time with her grandchildren and foster grandchildren.

Scrappy "I Spy" Quilt Class


Create a scrappy “I Spy” quilt for your favorite search and find enthusiast!  In this class, you’ll use scrap strips of fabric to create an “I Spy” quilt and poem.  


Scrap strips will be sewn to 10” x 10” tear-away paper (provided) or you can bring your own precut 10” x 10” muslin squares if you prefer.  Strips can be 1.5 to 3.5 inches wide and up to 15” long.


Children’s and novelty prints work best for creating the poem, but all scrap strips will work.  An assortment's of strips will also be available for your use.

Class is designed to create a small crib/lap size quilt.  Instructions to make a larger quilt will be provided in class.


Class Fee: $45.00


Class Length:  4 hours


Skill Level: Beginning / Intermediate

Students will need to bring the following:

  • notebook

  • erasable writing utensil

  • assorted scrap strips 1.5 to 3.5 inches wide / up to 15 inches long.

Classroom will have the following provided free of charge:

  • Sewing Machines

  • Cutting mats, rulers and rotary cutters, scissors

  • Light boards

  • Ironing boards and Irons

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