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Its OPEN!!!

For years (at-least 10 years for anyone that knows me well) I have been talking about opening a quilt shop. After the last 2 years of COVID and other stresses I decided that it was time...what was I waiting for....I wasn't getting any younger (that is a joke)! I tell my kids all the time to do what you love...if you do that you will never have a job, you will have a passion. So I figured it was time to try. Let's be honest for ANY quilter out there...if I failed, worst case...I would have A LOT OF FABRIC! My goal isn't to outsell JoAnn's Fabrics or some other online retailer, but to get a chance to share the magic I feel when I see the perfect fabric. You know what I am talking see it across the store or online, immediately wild thoughts go thru your head. You can imagine the finished quilt, how jealous all of your other fabric in the stash will be when you bring it home. I want to share my excitement with you and also get to hear from you when you see something magical! I am so blessed and enthusiastic to get this chance and grateful to everyone that joins me on this journey! Lets Go!! - Kim

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