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Foundation by the Yard by Benartex - Courthouse Steps Panel ( 4 x 4)


Goodbye tricky bias edges and fussy point matching! Foundation by the Yard, is designed to make your quilting more precise, less stressful, and as creatively different as you are! Each panel is 45" x 46", and includes foundation patterns, instructions for piecing, and fabric requirements. Plus foundation and blocks stay stable and no ripping off tiny pieces of paper or snapping your stitches!


This quilt pattern can be made with a collection of many fabrics, or it can be planned carefully.  Often the center square is the same throughout the quilt.  A total of 2 yards of fabric is enough to make the quilt. 


The quilt can be bordered or bound at the edge of the blocks.


1 panel

4 rows of 4 blocks = 36” x 36”

wall hanging, table topper

2 panels

6 rows of 5 blocks = 45” x 54”


5 panels

10 rows of 8 blocks = 72” x 90”


Foundation by the Yard by Benartex - Courthouse Steps

SKU: 111-1

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